Flame Red Eaves
New Forest Eaves 2

Eaves Tiles

Eaves tiles are an essential fitting when undertaking a roofing project or hanging tiles on a wall. Eaves tiles are predominantly used under the ridge at the top of the roof and under the bottom course of tiles. fitting an eaves course under the bottom course of tiles allows any water that passes between the tiles at the joints to flow off the roof before getting to the battens and felt which forms the base layer of the roof, the same principle applies with using Eaves tiles at the top of a roof under the ridge.

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Flame Red Gable
Lifestiles Gable Tiles

Tile and Half

Also known as gable tiles these are a vital fitting needed when laying roof tiles, using a tile and a half allows you to keep the bond of the tiles without having to cut tiles in half. Traditionally you would alternate which end of the course of tiles you lay the tile and a half. Each course of tiles should finish with either a full tile or tile and a half.

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Ridges 1 copy
c2ag_700x482_3_Ornamental ridges


Tilemongers supply a wide range of options for the ridge of any roof, whether your looking for standard half round or angled ridges or maybe your looking for something a little more decorative for your roof enquire now about the different ridge options we supply or take a look at the images of the different types of ridge we can supply. We can even supply mono ridge should you be looking to incorporate both pitched and flat roofs on your building.

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Handmade Orange Bonnet Hip
Burgundy Sandfaced Bonnets


Tilemongers can supply a wide variety of different hips ranging from bonnet hips to third round and even tapered hips. We are happy to supply these hips in either clay or concrete to suit individual needs,

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Handmade Restoration Valley
Tilehurst Blend Valley
Handmade Heather Valley
Burgundy Sandfaced Valley
Burgundy sandfaced valley 2


Although GRP valleys are becoming more and more popular for larger scale building projects and developments valley tiles can offer a very classy look to any roof. Whether concrete or clay Tilemongers can supply you the valley to suit your individual needs of the project. Take a look at our gallery which will hopefully help give some ideas of options on valley tiles.

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Handcrafted Pentlow Verticle Angle Tile
Handmade Red Verticle Angles
Handmade Orange Verticle Angle Tile
Collingwood blend vertical tiling

Vertical Angle Tile

These are a very important part of tile hanging allowing you to go round corners keeping the bond of the tiles. Tilemongers are always happy to supply the vertical angle tiles to suit the tiles on your project whether you are using concrete tiles or clay tiles. Check out some of the projects where vertical angle tiles have been used in a wide range of colours and ranges click the slider to the left for more images.

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Brown Heather Vertical tiles
Red Blue Blend Bulnose Tiles Nocton Church
Brown Antique Club Tiles
Dreadnought Blue Brindle smoothfaced
Dreadnought Red Smoothfaced

Ornamental Tiles

The use of ornamental tiles has become very popular when tile hanging, whether you are looking to use clubs or fishtales as a feature within the tile hanging or you wish to only use ornamental tiles they can transform any tile hanging into a really classical look on the face of a building. you can also use these to make great shapes and even spell out names should you be imaginative enough to try it. Take a look at some of the images in which ornamental tiles have been used to enhance a wide range of tile hanging projects.

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